Dombroski’s GameStick, LLC

The Dombroski family & the Birth of GameStick, LLC

My name is Mick Dombroski, inventor of the GameStick and owner of GameStick, LLC. I have been a teacher for years, but a hunter for life! I used to own an online hunting supply store. For years I had researched products that I felt were the best quality and the best value. I spent hours and even days finding the perfect items to sell on my website. When I was running this business, I said I would only stock products that I used and truly believed in myself. Now, not only am I doing that, but I’m providing you with my own invention, the GameStick.

The Gamestick was inspired by hunting with my daughter. I wanted to video her hunt, but cameras were expensive and poor quality. I started using my cell phone, but I needed my hands to help her… The GameStick was invented! I owe the invention to my wife, Kate Dombroski.  She convinced me of turning my idea into an invention!

The GameStick will mount any cell phone to any cylinder such as a rifle or crossbow scope, bow stabilizer, tree stand, branch, etc.  Why pay hundreds of dollars for poor quality action cams when you can use your own high quality smart phone!  Video your own hunt!  See where you hit or miss the game.  Another feature while your phone is mounted, you can see the time, text or play on Facebook all while being ready if that monster steps out!  Thanks for viewing the history of GameStick, LLC!  Have a great season!

Mick Dombroski