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the GameStick

The GameStick will mount any cell phone to any cylinder such as a rifle or crossbow scope, bow stabilizer, tree stand, branch, etc.  Why pay hundreds of dollars for poor quality action cams when you can use your own high quality smart phone on the GameStick!  Video your own hunt!  See where you hit or miss the game.  Another feature while your phone is mounted, you can see the time, text or play on Facebook all while being ready if that monster steps out!

The Gamestick was inspired by hunting with my daughter. I wanted to video her hunt, but cameras were expensive and poor quality. I started using my cell phone, but I needed my hands to help her… The GameStick was invented! I owe the invention to my wife, Kate.  She convinced me of turning my idea into an invention! Thanks for viewing!  Have a great season! 

10 reviews for GameStick

  1. Ebay User

    Thank you for the super fast shipping! Would definitely do business again

  2. Ebay User

    Fast shipping!! Cool little mount! Would buy again..

  3. Ebay User

    Very nice !! Got great video of my kill ! fast shipment !!

  4. Ebay User

    This is PURE GENIUS!…FASTEST SHIPPING! can’t thank you enough!

  5. Ebay User

    Great item! Super fast shipping and handling time. Thanks!

  6. Ebay User

    Amazing speed on shipping so fast my wife caught me lol absolutely great purchase!

  7. Ebay User

    Great product could not be more pleased!

  8. Ebay User

    Awesome need to get another one!

  9. donmiller.50cal (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW! Mick from has absolutely created a game changer for the hunting community! This Gamestick is absolutely amazing! Very well built,very light weight, and looks very nice! This will certainly compliment the looks of ANY bow,crossbow,or gun that you mount it on. Congrats Mick, you’ve created a mount that will change the way we watch hunting videos….from a first-person view!

  10. Donald Miller (verified owner)

    This is an update to my first review of the original Gamestick. I’ve now used it for an entire hunting season so I can now give a full review.
    This unit (the Original Gamestick) has been mounted on my 50 caliber muzzleloader and on my Barnett Raptor Pro STR Crossbow. It has held up flawlessly through many shots. I’ve had my best hunting season this past year, killed 8 deer and 18 wild hogs. I have a large phone, Samsung Note 9 that is inside of an Otterbox which adds more length and width to it as well as weight. The Gamestick has NEVER dropped my phone, never cracked, never received any type of damage…even though I have whacked it against a few trees while walking through the forest. This Gamestick phone mount is absolutely amazing! Do I recommend you purchasing one? The answer is undoubtedly YES! If you are wanting to capture video or photos of your hunt or shooting skills, then this unit is a “must have”. You can position your phone vertically or horizontally as well as side to side. You can even position it diagonally if that’s your preference. The gripping jaws on it are foam lined so it wont scratch your phone, it also makes it completely silent. I sit in my blind and play games or browse the internet while my phone is mounted in it…even send texts to my wife! The adjustments are almost unlimited with it. It can be mounted directly on the barrel of your firearm or on the scope. I mount it on my gopro selfie-stick and use it to record my hiking adventures. There is only one con to this unit, and I mean only one….the knuckle on the backside that allows you to tilt it at the desired angle will make a slight creaking/cracking sound if you push on the phone with slight pressure. I dont know how this could be remedied unless it were made of some type of metal or graphite maybe…but then you’d have unneeded weight. It is a little bit heavy but this is due to my phone being so heavy. The only time I notice the weight is when I hold my firearm or crossbow to my shoulder too long, but that also happens when I’m not using the Gamestick. To summarize my experience with this unit as well as my personal thoughts on it…I highly recommend that you try this unit before you spend ridiculous money on the big Name models. I’ve had several others that cost over $100 and NONE of them even came close to the value of the Gamestick! Hands down the Gamestick is the absolute best phone mount available for use on a firearm or crossbow. By the way, I am not affiliated with Gamestick LLC, I’m not paid to write this review, nor am I rewarded in any way for writing this. I have spoke to Mick,the owner of Gamestick, and he is an incredibly wonderful and humble man! Do yourself a favor and get one of these while they’re still available!

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